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Guidelines on How to be a Man in the 21st Century

Times have changed since the age of our forefathers. Therefore the modern man seeks to truly understand himself and define his manhood.
This is not an easy process in defining manhood within a contemporary society.
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The best strategy into becoming a better man is an understanding of how to coexist with different people.
To be a better man in the 21st century one must understand what makes them tick. A man will be evaluated based on the achievements they have made from the intended goals in life. There is a shift towards pursuing once inborn purposes and goals as opposed to fulfilling the expectations of parents and society at large. Healthy value system is key in defining manhood in our society.
These notions of a real man being strong and a bully is no more relevant in our society.
It is necessary to understand that being sensitive to other people's needs and feelings is not a weakness.
However, any man that engages in physical force, use of abusive language and bullying is considered to be weak and devoid of a broken manhood.


Another factor that is used to scrutinize manhood is the level of enlightenment that one has.
It is true that an enlightened man will always have inner peace with himself and therefore be in a better position to appreciate the society and take care of the needs of others.
This particular phenomenon explains why there is an increase in yoga and the need for meditation globally.

It has been very confusing for the modern man when it comes to the gender roles.
A lot of things that the 21st century man is no longer mandated today in the present which wasn't the case in the olden days.
New ideologies are experienced in the contemporary society wiping out the boundaries or division of labour and how that existed in the past times.
In the modern society the best system has been achieved by a couple agreeing on what best works out for them. Click for more insights into this topic.

The modern man is also shaped by the fatherhood system that is in place.
In the olden days a father will not be expected to spent the life at home raising the children and babysitting them.
Above all learning to be a real man will demand a lot of patience and it is a process that takes time.
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